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Rats !!
Strange Oath alliance folks exploring the Labyrinth found a mob with an . . . unusal . . . shape change ability. When last seen, our intrepid explorers were deperately searching for cheddar cheese drops:

Is it just me, or is that Druid pet thinking "Dinner!!" ? laughing
25 Nov 2006 by tlarian

Setian Stomp!
The first Strange Oath ML4 raid was a blast! The Setians in step 4.2 seemed to enjoy it too:

Many thanks to Naida and Tib for all their work, and to Canthold for the screenie.

Oh, and Pharoah Seti - We'll be back . . . tongue
29 Jan 2006 by tlarian

A New Year in TOA . . .
The Strange Oath alliance had a fantastic turnout for our New Year's artifact raid:

Many thanks for all who turned out, and especially to the folks who organized the effort and figured out how the encounters are working under the new rules. Quite a few of us will be enjoying our new toys, thanks to you!
05 Jan 2006 by tlarian

Dextere, put down that camera!
Ok, letting Dex have the "Firby Fun Foto" kit at our last meeting wasn't such a good idea. I'm still trying to get the negatives back on some of those pics . . . but in the meantime, thought you'd like to see a shot of the turnout:

Thanks to all who were there!
18 Aug 2005 by tlarian

Say Cheese!
Many thanks to the guildies who turned out for our impromptu photo session! We hope the next "Hut Beautiful" issue will feature your smiling faces . . . er, well, at least if the editor has Stealth Lore up:

See the Guild Private section of the boards for more pics. Thanks to Canthold's Candid Camera Services for support!
02 Aug 2005 by tlarian

Congratulations to our new ML10 Oathers!
Congratulations to our guildies who picked up ML9 & 10 over the last weekend. They not only get new ML abilities, but had the chance to tour some of the most spectacular areas in the game:

Many thanks to Canthold for the screenshot! smile
24 May 2005 by tlarian

I want my Mummy!
Many thanks to the Phearless Pharoah Chy/Kyndess, for leading a massive Hib zerg through another ML5 - and thanks to all the Oathers who risked embalming, lava incineration, and assorted other fates worse than linkdeath to help it happen:

Thanks to everyone's good humor, we made it through to ML5 without coming, er, unwrapped . . . wink
24 Apr 2005 by tlarian

Attachments arrive!
Registered users of our forums can now add file attachments to both board posts and PMs. Use this to post your screenshot of your latest glorious victory, spectacular defeat, or amusing encounter smile Or, if your favorite spellcrafter hangs out here, now you can attach your template file to a PM and zing it off to him.

Attachments are enabled on all forums except the Public Inn. Have fun with our new toy!
08 Feb 2005 by tlarian

Congratulations and a big "Thank You" to Brec and Mawavi
. . . for agreeing to move up to Blood Seneschal. As we all know, Brec and Maw have been leading our RvR efforts for a long while. This promotion not only recognizes that leadership, but that they will be acting in the place of the Guildmasters when Tib and Kiy aren't available.

Thank you guys!

31 Jan 2005 by tlarian

ML3 Victory!
At long last . . . we finally clobbered Medusa. Not quite sure if it was the Blood Oath "Decoys of Doom", the catatonic Crystal Titan (hey, big guy! Wake up!), or Emet's neon armor that did the trick laughing

Many, many thats to Mawavi for setting this run up, and to all the Oathers who doggedly kept at this ML till we got it right!
17 Jan 2005 by tlarian

Got this screenshot during our RvR run last weekend. Seems the Warlock's new snare spell has a GREAT graphic:

Actually, it looks to be just a snare spell, no major hit to your effectiveness - I could even shoot while frogged (you'd think that would be hard, holding your bow in your mouth like that wink) - but way cool graphic. Nice touch for the middies, and ought add more fun factor to RvR . . .

Now, if y'all will excuse me, I've got this odd urge to see if I can catch some bugs for breakfast tongue
22 Dec 2004 by tlarian

If at first you don't succeed . . .
well, it took a few tries, and much valiant effort on the part of our rezzers, but we had a very successful ML2 raid over the weekend. We came close to having a first: Thoas nibbled to death by nightshade and bard shouts wink

Thanks to Canthold for the screenshot smile
09 Nov 2004 by tlarian

Congratulations Daddy Bag!
Many congratulations to our Baglite and Mrs. Bag, on the arrival of their cutie Bagette, aka Veronica. As you can see, she's quite a darling:

congratulations to the entire Bag family! smile smile
01 Nov 2004 by tlarian

Birthday Game Score: Dragon 31, B-O/Clan 0 . . .
In honor of the birthday of a certain short, red-booted one, Blood Oath, Clan, and a few friends took a stab at the dragon. In the true spirit of "Kiy's Extreme Death Invitational", birthday dinner was served . . . to 'ol Cuuldurach, who enjoyed his toasted luri appetizers, and a hearty main corse of fried firbolg and elf flambe' :

a grand time, dying in the best company to be found smile Many thanks to all who came out, and special thanks to Canthold for supplying the screenie!
10 Oct 2004 by tlarian

Tri-realm Memorial Service for Ixa
The memorial service organized by Chyanne/Ldylofty and her Mid and Alb compatriots was very moving and impressive. The number of mids and albs who came to say goodbye to Ixa was startling.

Somehow, Ldylofty and a few albs and mids managed to organize everyone to spell out Ixa's name:

Many thanks to Chyanne & friends for organizing this.
06 Sep 2004 by tlarian

Quite the weekend . . .
. . . with artifact runs, PoC hunting, and ML3 . . .

Congratulations to all of our new ML3 survivors! And many thanks to the guildies who came out for this - your sense of humor and patience were what made it bearable.

Many thanks to our intrepid artifact crew . . . dashing around ToA was a blast. The best part, of course, was watching a couple of our favorite Rangers run around in circles, Battler in tow:

But best of all, Blood Oath zerged the Passages of Conflict for a most memorable evening of massive mayhem and Mawavi suicide pulls. All that, and artifact leveling too wink
30 Aug 2004 by tlarian

Logo's ML3 Raid
Logo was insane enough, er, I mean kind enough, to lead Blood Oath on an ML3 outing. The really odd thing (for those of us who've tried ML3 before), is that we had a blast!

ML 3.7 went smoothly:

ML 3.6 went, perhaps, a tiny bit less smoothly:

And to end the evening, Hilir gave us a truely amazing rendition of "Last Defender at the Alamo, Lurikeen Edition":

Many thanks to Logo for organizing this, to both Logo and Mure for providing screenshots, and for everyone who came and made this such an enjoyable outing. smile
06 Aug 2004 by tlarian

Our New GM!
Congratulations and many thanks to Blood Oath's new GM, Tib. Tib and his fishy alter-ego will be joining Kiy at the helm of our guild smile
26 Jul 2004 by tlarian

Congratulations to our new ML4s!
A rousing round of applause to Blood Oath's new ML4 folks! By all accounts, the tour group to ML4 was most successful, and thanks to Mure, we now have some screenies of the lovely ML4 dungeon and its quaint inhabitants.

Here's the tour group gathering outside:

The ML4 Chamber of Commerce prepares a warm greeting for their intrepid visitors:

Although this big fella really needs to work on that friendly, welcoming smile wink :

Anyway, a good time was had by all, and a big *WOOT!* to the folks who set this up. smile
16 Jun 2004 by tlarian

Guild Meeting, Saturday May 22, 10 PM EST
We are having a guild meeting, Saturday night, May 22, 10 PM, at the Guild Villa. We haven't had one for a while, and can use a chance to chat and hangout. smile

As a bonus for those who can make it, at the end of the meeting, we will have a "drawing" (/random 1000) to see who wins three items/sets of stuff. Note that "you must be present to win" wink

# 1 - A complete set of new AF 102 leather armor, 99% quality. You'll just need to get it spellcrafted & alc imbued, and you'll be set! Any Nightshade level 35 or higher can roll for this set.

#2 - A Legendary Heat Weapon. I've got a spare Torch of Innovation, and will log Kiy on to make the winner a Heat Legendary of his choice. Quality will be whatever it turns out to be (at least 95%, since Kiy's got a +1 to quality crafting tool). Any character level 45 or higher may roll for this.

#3 - For BG1 toons and other level 25 and under folks: a set of 99% quality AF 60 cloth, leather, or reinforced armor (sorry, no scale) spellcrafted to your specifications (no overcharges). You must be level 25 or less to roll on this set.

The winner or Prize #1 will get his or her prize at the meeting; the winnners of prizes 2 & 3 will have to wait a day or two to give me time to make the items.
22 May 2004 by tlarian

Glacier Giant 2, Hibs 0 . . .
Last weekend we paid another visit to 'ol Tiny . . .

. . . who once again treated us to aerial tours of Odin's Gate and Jamtland. Many of our lurikeen brethern did especially well at collecting frequent-flyer miles wink

In spite of a particularly valiant effort on the part of our healers and rezzers, at the end of the day, Tiny was once again victorious. But several mid keeps and not a few middies, were less lucky (at least until we ran into the Mid zerg). Perhaps the middies should see if Tiny is interested in a coaching contract tongue

Many thanks to all who came out, especially the healers and rezzers!
21 Apr 2004 by tlarian

The last one standing, er, sitting . . .
Came accross this screenshot from last week, when Canthold gave up his spot behind the keyboard so that Annwinn could play with us. Ann dealt with Dextere's banter, Serdic's patented "Pull of Doom", and Tlar's "Oh, he was mezzed?" moves most graciously . . . she also turned out to be quite the survivor, as shown here:

Thanks, Cant and Ann! We'll have to try it again . . . who knows, we might even live next time smile
29 Feb 2004 by tlarian

Formorian Beer . . .
Some B-O and Amberglen folks wandered over to Tur Suil over the weekend. Naturally, the Clan folks found where the locals kept their beer cellar. Alas, the locals are a stingy sort, and apparently don't like to share their brew:

in spite of the surly attitude of the dungeon denizens, a good time was had by all smile

01 Feb 2004 by tlarian

Move to KoH Alliance
Blood Oath completed the move to the KoH alliance on Friday. Please be sure you understand the new alliance rules - there is a link to them on the left of this page.
01 Feb 2004 by tlarian

A'Caroling We Go . . .
Many thanks to Trolia of Hibernia's Legion for leading a delightful caroling session in the Midgard frontier! We got the lights and tinsel up at Bledmeer and Blendrake, when Trolia paused to pass out the eggnog and lead us in a round of "Kobolds Roasting on an Open Fire" :

Many thanks to all the revelers who joined us, and to HL for providing the party favors and eggnog smile
21 Dec 2003 by tlarian

A shiny Epic day . . .
. . . and congratulations to Serdic and Tib, who dinged (dung?) 50, completed their epics, and modeled the armor for us:

And many thanks to the BOA folks who made this possible smile
30 Nov 2003 by tlarian

Forums back up and all fixed . . .
. . . at least, I think so. If you notice anything that isn't working right, though, please let me know.
19 Nov 2003 by tlarian

Alas, poor Lorryc . . .
. . . ok, we may not know him well, but we did chuckle over the grave he left in Doden's! About two groups of assorted BOA folks took a run to Dodens Gruva on Saturday night (15 Nov) for something different in the line of XP. Of course, we had to pause on the way to say "Hi" to Tiny . Luckily for us, the big fella doesn't seem to hold a grudge.

We were a bit disappointed to find that the Dodens Denzens had apparently kicked all the Middies out, but were delighted to settle down for an evening of excellent XP.

To cap the evening, we aggroed the Mistress of Runes

, touching off an epic 15 minute battle complete with purple adds. Much to our surprise, we actually won smile

Thanks all for a most delightful outing. Oh, and Middies, sorry, your lease on Dodens has been revoked. You've been neglecting the place tongue
17 Nov 2003 by tlarian

Oops . . .
The Blood-Oath forums may be down for a bit. The software they run on, phpBB, has had some security issues involving Unix file permissions, and I was attempting to apply a patch intended to fix these . . .

. . . and, er, looks like I goofed crying

As soon as I can figure out exactly what key file got set to "so secure it don't work" mode, the boards will be back. I'll post progress notes here.
15 Nov 2003 by tlarian

BOA vs. Tiny the Glacier Giant
On Saturday, October 4th, several groups met in front of DL in the sure and certain hope that we would confront the Midgard Glacier Giant, and emerge victorious.

We came. We saw.

We ended up flying halfway to Hlid. Though we fought valiantly, in the end we experienced pain. After all was said and done, we figured that we pick on someone our own size. In 2 near textbook raids, we took down Bledmeer and Nottmor (ducking the Glacier Giant on the way through).

To commemorate the event, Clan Amberglen has created a special t-shirt.

Thanks to all who attended from the alliance, as well as our special guest stars Mors Mortis and Kinsmen of Honor.
07 Oct 2003 by Serdic